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Lauren Akins Joins That Sounds Fun Network with Exclusive Podcast

By May 12, 2021News
Throughout the series, Akins sits down with Downs and has meaningful conversations with multiple guests around the most loved topics in the book. Listeners will hear never-before released stories that fans of the book will love, as well as retellings of some of Akin’s best memories that will introduce new fans to this beautiful memoir.  To get a taste of some of the frank, honest and beautiful discussions, take a look at this teaser trailer, as well as the below quotes and episode guide:

Lauren Akins, Thomas Rhett Akins and Annie F. Downs

Ep 1: Live in Love in Adoption  Lisa Gregory and Suzanne Mayernick
“Opening our hands and hearts to what God has and saying yes, when you allow him to move and do his thing, you feel the Holy Spirit like you can never imagine.”  Suzanne Mayernick

Ep 2: Live in Love in Family  Steve Gregory and Macy Page
“You can say things you will regret for the rest of your life using the word hate, but in the end you love the person and you don’t quit on them.”  Steve Gregory

Ep 3: Live in Love in Community  Grace Hackett

Ep 4: Live in Love in Support  Beth Barcus

Ep 5: Live in Love in Marriage  Thomas Rhett Akins
“Making the most of a moment and making the most of the name of Love in that moment is how I live in love in the present.”  Lauren Akins
“You learn stuff about marriage until you die, there is no moment when you go, ‘
Oh! I figured you out’. Especially for someone as complex as my wife.” Thomas Rhett Akins

Ep 6: Live in Love in Purpose  Lauren Tomlin

Ep 7: Live in Love in Motherhood  April Tomlin and Mackenzie Wright

Ep 8: Live in Love Today  Lauren Akins
“Through all the heartbreak of my life that feels unbearable sometimes, I always go back to my home and the homes I was raised in.”  Lauren Akins


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