WHY Sound Mind?

In 2020, the GMA Foundation raised over $300,000 to help 200+ families in our creative community pay their rent, utilities and groceries while dealing with the financial fallout from the pandemic. In the later part of 2021, we noticed the effects of the pandemic start to shift. While most artists are now able to tour again, alleviating urgent financial needs, many are struggling internally.

WHO is Sound Mind for?

Artists, band members, crew and songwriters in the Christian and Gospel music industry.

WHAT is Sound Mind?

A program designed to aid the spiritual, emotional and mental struggles many in the music community are facing in the aftermath of the pandemic. Sound Mind will support in three key ways:

  • Spiritual Coaching
    Provides access to chaplains that can offer one-on-one support and guidance. Includes monthly meetings and regular virtual or text check-ins.
  • Counseling
    Provides grants to cover initial costs of therapy and counseling with vetted counselors able to do both focused or general work.
  • Webinars/Articles
    For those that aren’t ready for individualized attention, we provide easily accessible and anonymous resources that can help them find hope and support.

imageedit_19_4566990258does Sound Mind work?

The Sound Mind program helps to underwrite care by a mental and spiritual health expert. Grant requests can be made to cover a select number of sessions or predetermined rate paid as a reimbursement to the recipient upon proof of invoice/receipt.

Once the application is received, the GMA team will:

  1. Contact the applicant to review their application and gather additional information if necessary.
  2. Submit a summary of the situation to the financial assistance committee for approval.
  3. The applicant will be notified of the committee’s decision as soon as possible. Except in an emergency or crisis, please allow at least one to two weeks for processing.
  4. Before beginning this online application, you must review the eligibility criteria stated below.

To be eligible, BOTH statements must apply to you:

  • I am age 18 or older, reside in the U.S. and exclusively earn my income in Christian/Gospel music as a performer, support personnel or through live events/tours. Such support includes, but is not necessarily limited to: side musician; background vocalist; road manager; sound mixer/tech; instrument tech; lighting tech; stagehand; merchandise; or similar roles.
  • I have at least one prior year employment in the Christian/Gospel music industry (support personnel) OR I have at least four commercially released recordings of Christian/Gospel music (artists).