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Tina Campbell and Husband Teddy Campbell Launch Their New Website,

By March 13, 2018News

And New Episode of
10 Minutes With Teddy And Tina
“Our Kids Idea Of Love”


As Well As New Marriage Initiative
“The Love Encounter”

“After public devastation, we were blessed with total transformation, and now other married couples are healing because of the beauty of our reconciliation…. Having made the journey through better and worse and back to better and are now approaching 18 years of marriage, we are beyond overjoyed to be able to bring weekly content to couples, singles, and any and everyone who would like to join our discussion and hear our perspective on life, love, family, and faith.” —Teddy and Tina Campbell
For all things Teddy and Tina Campbell, please visit: WWW.TEDDYANDTINA.ORG
Also connect at:
Instagram: @TeddyandTina
Facebook: @Teddy andTina
Youtube: TeddyandTina