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NEWS: Salvador Frontman Nic Gonzales Unveils Debut Solo Album

By April 13, 2016News

Salvador Frontman Nic Gonzales Unveils Debut Solo Album, My Life Is Yours Available Digitally Now

Gonzales Partners With Autism Tennessee To Help Raise Awareness and Funds

NASHVILLE, Tenn., (April 12, 2016) – Nic Gonzales, frontman of the award-winning band Salvador, is stepping center stage to debut his first singer/songwriter release, My Life Is Yours. The album features six original songs penned by Gonzales and includes special guest collaborations with Gabe Martinez of Stomptown Revival and CCM Music Icon and Award-Winning Latin Recording Artist Jaci Velasquez. My Life Is Yours is now available at digital retailers and streaming services including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and others. Gonzales will donate 100 percent of his royalties from the project to benefit Autism Tennessee.

My Life Is Yours is a small snapshot of what our life has been like over the last several years,” said Gonzales. “The songs were written for my sons and are about my boys and about my dad and some of the lessons we’re trying to teach our kids. The EP became part of our journey as a family. My Life Is Yours is a reflection of that journey.”

Gonzales’ musical career launched as lead vocalist and guitarist of the band Salvador he co-founded more than 15 years ago. Salvador birthed out of the band that played at Gonzales’ home church in Austin, Texas and grew throughout the years to record a variety of musical styles including Tex-Mex, Latin, pop, jam band, rock and more.

“This record could not have come at a better time in my life,” explained Gonzales. “After touring with the band Salvador for the past 15 years, I felt like it was time to do something a little outside of myself.”

Donating 100 percent of his royalties from My Life Is Yours to Autism Tennessee is deeply personal to Gonzales, whose elder son has been diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

“We are honored that Nic Gonzales has chosen to donate royalties from his EP to benefit Autism Tennessee,” said Babs Tierno, executive director of Autism Tennessee. “I know autism is a cause close to his heart and with his support, we will continue to create a community of support and inclusion for individuals with autism. I have enjoyed all of Nic’s music over the years but for so many reasons, I hope this EP is a hit.”

The My Life Is Yours project is not only financially benefiting autism programs and research in the community where Gonzales and his family reside, it is a tool for Gonzales to use as a form of communication to relate to his son.

“Some of the wisdom and lessons I want to share with my son I write about on this project. I may not be able teach them to him, but the messages come through on the songs,” explained Gonzales of his elder son. “The power that music has on him will allow me to teach him through the language of song – the language I know how to speak best in.”

The common themes on the tracks on the project are family and the lessons you pass on to your children. It’s a full-circle moment for Gonzales as he passes on what his dad taught him. In this case, not only is Gonzales teaching his sons important life lessons, but also the importance of giving back and service.

“If there’s anything in this life that we can do to help others, I want to be part of that,” said Gonzales. “That comes from my dad. My dad would help anybody; a ‘shirt off his back’ kind of guy. I think we’re all called to do that. The lessons like this one I’m talking about on the album all come from my dad. He’s been a servant role model to me.”


My Life Is Yours Track List:
1. My Life Is Yours
2. Closer Than You Know
3. Good As Gold
4. My Jesus Go Before Me
5. Heaven Knows My Name
6. This Is Freedom

Here’s what people are saying about Nic Gonzales and My Life Is Yours:
“It’s almost as though we’ve been given x-ray vision to look into the heart of the artist Nic Gonzales. His infectious personality and desire to serve The Lord comes through loud and clear as you listen to song after song. Sharing the realities of ups and downs in his walk with the Lord and with others is what draws us into this work. Nic’s lyrics remind me that we all have much to be thankful for and makes me want to live for Christ BECAUSE He first loved me.” -Greg Long

“In a world of Autotune vocalists and programmed music… Gonzales has been and always will be the REAL thing. Truthfully, as a guitarist he frustrated me in my younger years, and as a vocalist the same was true. How someone could be gifted with so much talent boggles my mind. In a word Nic is “pure” artistry. I always look forward to the next evolution of a rock star that I’ve respected for the last 15 years.” -Jason Roy (Building 429)

Upcoming Tour Dates:
4/23 – Brunswick, OH
4/30 – Wilkesboro, NC
5/20 – Anaheim, CA
7/30 – Denver, CO
9/20 – Lufkin, TX

Gonzales is touring in support of the new project. For booking, contact: Taylor Leatherwood at or 615.807.2222.


Purchase My Life Is Yours:

About Nic Gonzales:
Nic Gonzales is a producer, songwriter, musician and recording artist. As co-founder and frontman of the award-winning band Salvador, Gonzales has had a prolific career in the music industry. Nic Gonzales is married to Recording Artist Jaci Velasquez, and they reside in Nashville, Tenn. with their two adventurous little boys, Zealand and Soren.


Media Contact:
Chelsey Dickson
(615) 331-8538