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NEWS: Orphans Need a Change

By June 8, 2015News

Show Hope Is Collecting Donations to Provide Diapers at Care Centers

5 June 2015 – Franklin, Tenn – Show Hope, a nonprofit organization founded by Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth for the purpose of caring and advocating for millions of orphans worldwide, spends $300,000 each year to provide diapers for the children at their five Special Care Centers in China.

Show Hope provides life-giving care for more than 300 orphans with special needs at Maria’s Big House of Hope and its four other Care Centers in the Henan province of China. Although their medical needs range in scope and form, almost all of the children under Show Hope’s care have something in common: the need for diapers.

Many of the children are especially susceptible to infections, so the level and quality of their care must be exceptional in order to meet their unique needs. This means lots and lots of diapers! Show Hope is entrusted with each life and is given the unique opportunity of stepping into their every day needs. Meeting this very basic, tangible need is essential to the overall standard of care they seek to provide for these precious children. And Show Hope needs the help of generous donors to meet it.

Supporters have a unique opportunity to step in to this very real, everyday need by helping fund diapers for the children at Show Hope’s Care Centers for an entire year. A few options are:
     •  donating $30 for one package
     •  donating $60 for two packages
     •  donating $90 for a whole case (three packages)
Funders of two or more packages ($60 or more) will result in another donor funding an additional package in the original giver’s name. Donors of two or more cases ($180 or more) will receive original artwork from the kids at Maria’s Big House of Hope.

Help Show Hope fund this pressing need by donating to the diaper fund today! For more information please visit

About Show Hope:
Since its inception, Show Hope has helped provide forever homes through Adoption Aid grants for more than 4,500 orphans from 50+ countries, including the U.S. In addition, more than 1,600 orphans with special needs have received critically needed medical care through Show Hope’s Special Care Centers, giving them a hope for a family and a future. Through numerous initiatives designed to engage individuals, students, families, and communities, Show Hope is mobilizing a movement to care for the world’s children who need it most.

Show Hope is continuously developing a variety of programs to mobilize the church body to get involved and to help transform the life of an orphan. From their Student Initiatives program (which includes the Red Bus Project for college students and The Movement for high schoolers), to their short-term trips for teens and adults, their Advocates program and the monthly sponsorship program, there are so many ways to get involved in the movement to care for orphans.

To find out more information, please visit


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