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BLOG: Our Artist Community Responds To The Paris Attacks

By November 18, 2015Blog

11,000 women praying for Paris. Je t'aime Paris!

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Dear Paris, our hearts break with yours from afar, and though indeed the night seems darker than ever before, remember now, You are the 'City of Lights' – more now than ever. So remind us all, especially those who are blinded by their own hatred that even the deepest-dark can not stand a chance against even the faintest glimmer of light. You have our love, our thoughts and our prayers. ??❤ (@joelhouston) #princeofpeace Your love surrounds me when my thoughts wage war When night screams terror there Your voice will roar Come death or shadow God I know Your light will meet me there When fear comes knocking there You'll be my guard When day breeds trouble there You'll hold my heart Come storm or battle God I know Your Peace will meet me there

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