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We Are Messengers’ Darren Mulligan On Auto Accident Last Week

By February 7, 2022News

We Are Messengers front man Darren Mulligan was involved in a car accident the morning of 2/4 as he was driving to the airport in Nashville, TN. Hitting ice on a bridge, he lost traction, slid across two lanes and into the lane of an oncoming vehicle, and veered off the road, flipping and totaling his truck. Thankfully, Darren made it through the accident without a scratch, and with the help of the driver of the oncoming vehicle, made it to the airport and on his way to the group’s first show of the year in Greeley, CO. Listen to Darren discuss his experience HERE, and see his social media post about the accident below.


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“I am a very grateful man, more than ever and I’m convinced this too is the goodness of God in my life. #ComeWhatMay”