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NEWS: The Huffington Post, USA Today And More Celebrate Renowned Photographer Jeremy Cowart’s The Purpose Hotel

By August 5, 2016News


Nashville, Tenn. (August 4, 2016) – After a blockbuster debut on Kickstarter, renowned celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart’s The Purpose Hotel continues to gain traction among the public with features on hit media sites including The Huffington Post, USA Today and many more.

“While some projects may seem larger and more ominous than others, Jeremy Cowart refuses to let fear deny him his pursuit of passion. The same passion that has been forming over the last four years resulting in his biggest dream yet—the same dream that includes the rest of us―the Purpose Hotel.” – The Huffington Post

“Cowart’s grand plans for his hotel are consistent with his modus operandi. He dreams big, creates social networks and often speaks about changing the world.” – Nashville Business Journal

“The concept upon which Cowart and his business partner Michael Moore hope to build a for-profit global hotel chain takes social responsibility in the lodging industry to another level.” – The Tennessean

“Sometimes we travel for escape and sometimes we travel to feel more connected to the world. Sometimes we travel for both at the same time. The Purpose Hotel wants to combine vacation and virtue in a game-changing way.” – Observer

“Imagine staying at a hotel where everything in the rooms – and the nightly rate of the room itself – benefited someone in need. That’s the idea that lodged in commercial and editorial photographer Jeremy Cowart’s imagination, and which has since evolved into ‘The Purpose Hotel’.” – Digital Photography Review

“Jeremy Cowart has an idea to the change world. The Purpose Hotel is unique because every aspect of the room will be connected to a global need or cause. They hope every night’s stay will elevate the lives of at least 100 people around the world.” – Relevant Magazine

“Jeremy has had a dream to open a hotel that will love on and change the world while people sleep. This is a truly special and powerful force in a world that needs some serious light and love right now.” – Product Hunt

“Cowart’s charitable initiatives go beyond photography; his newest initiative, The Purpose Hotel, began crowd-funding this summer. Each room in the hotel tells the story of and supports a sponsored child; each amenity from linens to keys comes from a nonprofit cause.” – Christianity Today

About The Purpose Hotel™
The first hotel of its kind, celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart (Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Tim Tebow, The Kardashians, Sting, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Heidi Klum, Emma Stone, Ryan Seacrest and more) created humanitarian relief project The Purpose Hotel™ that aims to fight against injustices of war, hunger, poverty, global warming, racial tension, unclean water, addictions and natural disasters. Every aspect of the global chain will directly contribute to those in need through strategic sourcing and procurement. The project is launching with a large campaign designed and developed by The Purpose Hotel™. Through the project’s Kickstarter, individuals have the opportunity to become co-founders as backers of the project.

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About Jeremy Cowart
Named one of the most influential photographers on the web (Huffington Post), Jeremy Cowart has photographed the likenesses of Sting and Emma Stone to The Kardashians and Taylor Swift. Capturing images in over 25 countries, his work has been seen on the pages of Rolling Stone and USA Today, reaching the channels of A&E and ESPN. An earnest desire to do more has led the notable photographer to focus on Help-Portrait, See University and now, The Purpose Hotel.

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