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NEWS: The Hands & Feet Project Remembers the Haiti Earthquake, Five Years Ago Today

By January 14, 2015February 4th, 2015News

Haiti Made And The Hands & Feet Project Announces The “Wear Your Colors” Campaign

Haiti Made Unites Quality Products, Sustainability And Dignified Jobs To Fight Against Haiti’s Orphan Crisis

Franklin, TN: January 12, 2015 – Today marks the fifth year anniversary of the earthquake that shook Haiti to the brink of destruction. The Hands & Feet Project, which provides family-style residential care and sustainable solutions that fight against Haiti’s orphan crisis, remembers that very day quite well. Their co-founder and Executive Director, Mark Stuart (pictured to the far right), was in Haiti and experienced the earthquake first-hand. “The magnitude of the quake was so big, it felt as if the mountain that our Children’s Village was nestled against, was going to crumble on top of us. Although we were safe, we quickly realized that beyond the walls of our little village, our neighbors were facing unimaginable losses. The three-story hotel down the street had been flattened, the local hospital had collapsed, and school buildings were now in piles of rubble. The loss of life was staggering. Haiti, a nation bankrupt of proper infrastructure and considered by many to be a hopeless cause, was now left in the wake of one of the biggest natural disasters in history. Many around the world believed all hope was lost.

“Incredibly, the people of Haiti showed supernatural resilience and an unquenchable hope,” Stuart continues. “Within days, churches were filled and revival was spreading across the island. As help from around the world poured in, the people of Haiti stepped up and delivered/distributed much needed care, sacrificing there own needs for those more desperate around them. Driving through Port au Prince today, you see new and improved infrastructure, cleaner streets, new markets and businesses. Haiti is no longer hungry for handouts and charity, but for opportunities to grow and produce. A sense of dignity and confidence is replacing the feelings of fear and helplessness. Let’s honor and remember the lives lost on January 12th, 2010, by partnering with Haiti to build a healthier, more sustainable future.”

HAITI MADE – One of the many ways that The Hands & Feet Project is helping is through their business initiative, Haiti Made, which is purposed to bring economic hope to a country that has been defined by extreme poverty, joblessness and entitlement. Born from the need to create jobs for young adults transitioning out of orphan care, Haiti Made has joined with the people of Haiti to provide dignified opportunities that equip and empower them to take responsibility for their own lives and the future of their nation.

Haiti Made’s newest venture is their new “Wear Your Colors” campaign. Available for pre-order now, Wear Your Colors is an opportunity to wear beanies with your favorite sports team’s colors while also supporting the Haiti Team whe made them!

They are excited to grow this venture with this new campaign where you can “Wear Your Colors” while providing jobs and change lives! Pre-orders are being taken now but there are limited qualities. Click here to pre-order your favorite team hat now!

Making its debut last year, Haiti Made kicked off with a huge Kickstarter campaign. As Rob Murray, Project Manager of Haiti Made, shared in a previous statement, “There is so much potential in Haiti and all we’re doing is gathering together to raise money to help unlock that potential. The future is bright! What if instead of more charity and more giving to the people of Haiti, we started to buy from them, and in doing so we deliver hope and dignity? That’s what Haiti Made is all about.”

To find out more about Haiti Made, the Wear Your Colors Campaign and more of the products they have to offer, please visit

About The Hands & Feet Project:
In 2004, the members of Audio Adrenaline founded the Hands & Feet Project. Inspired by fan reaction to the band’s song “Hands and Feet,” HAF is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing long-term, family-style care for orphaned and abandoned children with the love of Christ. They strive to raise a generation of orphaned children who will grow up to reach their God- given potential, while empowering first world citizens to partner with them in service at home and abroad.

The organization broke ground on their first Children’s village in Cyvadier, a small town on the Southern coast near Jacmel, and began their journey of serving the forgotten children of the impoverished Caribbean nation. Currently tending to over 70 children in Cyvadier, a second village opened in Grand Goave in 2008 and is caring for 30 children. Visit for more information.



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