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NEWS: StowTown Artists Perform at Dr. David Jeremiah’s The Sights and Sounds of Christmas on Broadway

By December 18, 2015News

Event to be Telecast World-Wide Christmas Week

For the past three years Pastor Jeremiah has brought the true meaning of Christmas to New York City for a live one-night-only special event. This year on December 3, 2015 at the Beacon Theatre, Dr. David Jeremiah spoke a profound message, and we heard cherished Christmas songs be performed by musical guest artists including StowTown’s Charles Billingsley and TaRanda Greene. This event was truly magical and reflective in what the season means to us all. This year is particularly special, as the event is airing on national television. Check your local listings, and don’t miss your chance to watch Christmas on Broadway with Dr. David Jeremiah.

Airings Confirmed as of 12/17/15 – Check local listings

WTLW (Lima, OH)
12/23 at 10p Eastern
12/25 at 6p Eastern

WLMB (Toledo, OH)

WFMZ (Philadelphia, PA)
12/25 at 11:30a Eastern

KFMB (CBS 8, San Diego)
12/19 at 8p Pacific
12/24 at 1:30a Pacific

WGN America
12/25 at 6a Eastern / 3a Pacific

12/25 at 5a Eastern & Pacific

UP Network
1/1 at 6a Eastern / 3a Pacific

12/18 at 12a Eastern / 12/17 at 9p Pacific
12/21 at 12:30p Eastern / 9:30a Pacific


Daystar (US + CAN)
12/23 at 12p Eastern / 9a Pacific — This airing will NOT be on Daystar Canada
12/23 at 9p Eastern / 6p Pacific
12/24 at 1a Eastern / 10p Pacific on 12/23

Daystar (UK)
12/23 at 9p GMT
12/24 at 6a GMT
12/24 at 10a GMT

INI (Europe)
12/22 at 7p GMT
12/23 at 5:30p GMT
12/25 at 11p GMT

Yes TV (Ontario, Canada – CITS)
12/19 at 1:30p
12/24 at 9p
12/26 at 4p

Yes TV (Edmonton, Canada – CKES)
12/19 at 1:00p
12/26 at 6p

Yes TV (Calgary, Canada – CKCS)
12/19 at 1:00p
12/26 at 6p

Miracle Channel (Canada)
12/21 at 5p MST
12/23 at 1p MST
12/26 at 1p MST

CFTK-TV (British Columbia, Canada)
12/24 at 10:30a

Face TV (New Zealand)
12/20 at 8a
12/22 at 8:30a

Faith TV (South Africa)


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