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NEWS: NRT Radio Network Expands Online Stations

By September 1, 2016News


NRT Radio Positive puts Christian and general market songs side-by-side, and in an industry first, partner station RadioGC does the same with Country/Southern Gospel music

BOISE, Id.(Sept. 1, 2016) — Today, on its sixth birthday, the NRT Radio Network ( — the online broadcasting arm of industry-leading Christian music site NewReleaseToday ( ) — celebrates the launch of its sixth and seventh radio stations, furthering its mission of exposing more people to more Christian music.

Starting now, music fans can tune into NRT Radio Positive, a groundbreaking format that puts positive and clean mainstream songs alongside the best, general market-friendly Christian music offerings. With its tagline of “Music For Good,” the goal of NRT Radio Positive is to present good, uplifting songs, regardless of who is singing it.

“I’m so excited about launching this station,” says NRT Executive Editor, and station program director, Marcus Hathcock. “It’s so refreshing and, frankly, freeing to have a place where the song is the thing. We know music is changing, and that people are moved and inspired by all kinds of songs and all kinds of artists. We’re here to take the best of the best and present a more holistic view of what good music sounds like.”

In a similar vein, the network welcomes a new partner station, RadioGC, the first and only radio format of its kind that combines Christian, mainstream Country and Southern Gospel music for a celebration of all things “God and country.” The aim of the station is “to give you a fun and heartwarming experience … from the soles of your boots to the top of your John Deere ball cap.”

The two new stations come on the heels of the NRT Radio Network logging its biggest listening numbers since launching in August 2014. More than 35,000 people a month currently tune into one of the network’s five stations; NRT Radio One, NRT Radio Remix, NRT Radio Christmas, Jam the Hype and NRT Radio Worship, the most popular station in the group since it launched in February 2015.

“Combined, this is the strongest lineup of online stations out there,” adds NRT Radio Founder Kevin McNeese. “Our mission is to show people there’s an enormously wider world of Christian music than what they are currently hearing on most terrestrial stations, and I see us providing a clear and attractive alternative. We know people will be pleasantly surprised and excited by what they’re going to hear on the network.”

Mobile users can download the NRT Radio Network app for iOS ( or Android  ( and access all seven stations seamlessly. All stations can also be accessed at

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