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Jesus Culture’s Chris & Alyssa Quilala Welcome Baby #5 and Ask for Prayers

By April 10, 2018News

NICU and health update— Maddex has no problems eating. The very serious problems are reoccurring Apnea (he holds his breath and needs stimulation to resuscitate, does not resuscitate on his own), unexplained bruising in places he didn’t have bruises from birth (low white blood cell count), low blood sugar. These are potential diabetes markers, however also could just be high stress. He has to have at least 7 days with no apnea, as it’s a super high risk of SIDS since he hasn’t resuscitated on his own especially. Dr says all of this could simply be because of his traumatic birth, his loss of oxygen many times thru the birth, and the fact that he was pulled from the birth canal and bruised by the doctor as the last attempt to save him because he wasn’t breathing (there was no time for c-section)… it most likely will all resolve itself, but he’s highly stressed and unstable right now. Lastly, he hasn’t pooped on his own, which is also a sign of stress. While not entirely serious, they had to give him a suppository which is pretty abnormal considering how much he’s eaten since birth. They did an assessment on his rectum and bowels, all looks fine, so we’re hoping the suppository kicks in. Thanks for prayers ?

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