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BLOG: New Moms

By May 6, 2015Blog

While numerous female Christian artists juggle motherhood and ministry, there are several who have recently added the title of “Mom” to their resumes for the first (or second) time, making the month of May extra special for them this year. Here’s a list of just a few of the new moms who are soaking up time with their little ones on and off the road this Mother’s Day.

graysonMolly Grayson (from City Harbor), married to
Mike Grayson (from MIKESCHAIR), had her first child,
Grailey Elizabeth Grayson, on March 29th.

gretzingerSteffany Gretzinger, had her 1st child,
Wonder Grace Gretzinger, on September 16th.

perryJackie Hill Perry, had her 1st child,
Eden Grace Perry, on December 20th.

brittnicoleBritt Nicole had her 2nd child,
Adin Jerusalem Crosby, on Feburary 8th.

fisherCarrie Underwood had her 1st child,
Isaiah Michael Fisher, on Feburary 27th.

dawnmichelleDawn Michele had her 1st child,
Johnny Scott Danger Lott, on March 23rd.