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BLOG: Artists and Organizations React To Joey Feek’s Passing

By March 10, 2016Blog

joey feek now dances with Jesus. praying for her beautiful family and friends. I still remember the night my uncle Roderick passed away. he was in the hospital and my middle school self paced the floor beggin, pleading with the Lord. praying over and over “Jesus please let me uncle have no more pain. please heal his body. please.” it wasn’t until years later that I realized my prayer had been answered. for a while I was hurt, broken, angry, emotional – all natural and okay feelings. but the moment I truly realized that he WAS healed and was without pain I felt something new: freedom. and gradually, even in the midst of my grieving, I also began to feel joy. I’ll be taking some time to pray for #joeyfeek’s family. not because Joey was a celebrity, but because she’s someone whose music blessed me, whose friendship blessed my friends and whose devotion (along with her husband/family’s) to Christ has impacted me positively. I’m going to pray that in the midst of the pain and grieving, that they hold tight to knowing where her soul truly lies. it’s hard to ask for healing sometimes, because even though it’s granted, it’s not always how/when we think. but His plan is great. and I’ll hold tight to that. #joeyandrory

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