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BLOG: 4 Easter Memories from Your Favorite Artists & Their Moms

By April 3, 2015Blog

(Pictured: Tina Campbell, photo credit AMC Networks; The Showers; Colton Dixon with his sister, photo submitted by Teresa Dixon; Francesca Battistelli, photo submitted by Kate Battistelli)

From dresses catching fire to Easter baskets, egg hunts and chocolate bunnies, artists and their moms recall sweet and humorous moments from their personal celebrations through the years and remember the real meaning of Easter.

tina-campbell2-cropI was probably around 7 or 8 years old, and I remember having practiced my Easter speech over and over. So I was ready. We woke early Sunday morning. Mom ironed dresses, laid them out and began prepping all her girls’ beautiful ponytails and bangs. I got all ready in this gorgeous dress that I was so enamored with. Then I stood in front of the heater, because it was a little chilly in our home. As I stood a little too close to that wall heater to warm myself, I ended up with a heater burn on my dress. OMG!!! I just thought Easter was ruined because I wouldn’t be able to display my beautiful dress as I confidently gave my speech about my Jesus. I was just so crushed! Fortunately, I had gotten the same dress in two bright pastel colors, so I was able to just put the other one on and keep it moving. Easter was saved! HALLELUJAH!

—Tina Campbell, Mary Mary (


Francesca B 2 - editFrom the time Franny was little, we wanted her to know the story of what Easter meant, the truth beyond the cute bunnies and chocolate eggs. We made sure to talk about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and being raised again on the third day. At the same time, we hoped to make our Easter a fun celebration since we were remembering our great salvation! I would always buy Easter egg kits at the grocery store, and we’d carefully fill cups with warm water and vinegar. She loved to drop the colors in and watch them dissolve. It was a joy to dip a few dozen eggs for our Easter centerpiece and an Easter egg hunt. I still have the same small white wire tree and lots of little eggs and bunnies that we put out during the Easter season. I loved doing a fun Easter basket for Franny every year. I’d put a big chocolate bunny, jelly beans and malted milk ball eggs into a pretty grass-filled basket [along with] a few little presents, as well. She would find it on her dresser as soon as she woke up. One Easter tradition I’ve always loved is finding those beautiful solid sugar panorama eggs, the ones hollowed out with Easter scenes inside, all made of sugar. They’re so colorful and pretty to look at, and she always loved them! And of course, we always shopped for a pretty Easter dress for church. I still have a few of those I’ve kept over the years to give to her daughter someday! Easter means so much to us, and we can’t wait to celebrate this year with Franny, her husband Matt and our grandchildren.

—Kate Battistelli, mother of Francesca Battistelli (


TheShowers_PREaster is a memorable and sacred event. Here we celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Because He died and arose, we all have the right to the tree of life. The Showers in its humble beginning could not afford the traditional Easter baskets, attire and festivities. However, today we celebrate this memorable event with an Easter egg hunt, food, Easter baskets, fun and games. When all 10 children, 14 grandchildren, one great-grandchild, and sons and daughters-in-laws get together, it is a reminder of how our Savior allowed me to birth this union; and for this, I will continue to be grateful and honored that God allowed me to be fruitful and multiply the earth. Happy Easter!

—Missionary Oralean Showers, The Showers (


Colton DixonOur Easter Sundays are probably similar to most. When the kids were young, we would do the themed Easter baskets, with the kids loading up on candy eggs, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies. Putting sugar-charged children in their Sunday finest for church was always a joy! We would all head to church — sometimes the sunrise service — and afterwards we headed to the grandparents’ house for a huge lunch and the hunting of more eggs. The grandfather always blessed our meal and reminded everyone what this weekend is about. As our family grew, we carried on the same traditions, only we began having Easter at our home. This will include all our family, with most everyone bringing a dish. We still have the egg hunts for the littles ones but have implemented an adult hunt and egg toss. We take this time not only to give thanks for our salvation through the resurrection but also to teach our children the importance of family tradition and Easter.

—Teresa Dixon, mother of Colton Dixon (