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Annie F. Downs “Fun Coaches” Fans For Book Release

By August 2, 2022News

New York Times best-selling author and podcaster Annie F. Downs spent yesterday “fun coaching” fans just before today’s release of her latest endeavor, Chase The Fun: 100 Days to Discover Fun Right Where You Are, which is available here.

Fans that preordered the book were given the chance to submit a fun coaching question to Downs, from which she chose five to interview during her That Sounds Fun podcast. There, they got to ask their question directly to Annie and received some fun coaching in return. Now everyone can take a listen to Downs helping some of her new friends try to identify what may be holding each of them back from finding the fun that’s all around them.

Also ahead of the release, Downs appeared in two segments on The Today Show streaming channel, TODAY All Day show Wellness Today, where she helped host Sheinelle Jones explore the health benefits of having fun, including fun activities to do with friends, family, etc. Take a look at the episodes here and here.

Over the past two and a half years Downs has helped readers understand fun matters (That Sounds Fun), helped children and parents see that fun is everywhere, (What Sounds Fun to You?), and now she invites everyone to experience 100 delightful days of discovering fun right where they are. With her insightful writing and provocative questions, she helps readers identify what they find fun and then go after it like it matters, because it does.

“As adults, it often seems like fun is something we had when we were kids, and we just don’t have time for it now – am I right?,” she asks. “Most of us barely have time for all the stuff we have to do, let alone the stuff we want to do. We can go days without actually having any fun at all, and that’s no way to live!”