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Way Nation (WayFM) Releases Innovative Audible God Podcast

By February 10, 2021News

Colorado Springs,CO) Way Nation and WayFM announce the release of a new podcast about people who have heard from God and the effect it had on their lives.

Audible God is a multi-episode podcast featuring a fast-paced narrative format with a hip-hop soundtrack and ordinary people telling their stories of an encounter with the voice of God.

“The idea of actually hearing the voice of God is both fascinating and mysterious,” said podcast host, Rob Vischer.  “My hope is that this podcast will bring these actual encounters to life, and will cause people to want to know more about God!”

Way Nation released the first two episodes of Audible God February 1st and the podcast quickly jumped to the top 10 on the Apple Podcasts/Religion and Spirituality Top Shows Page.

You can listen to Audible God here, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Zach Boehm, Director of Digital Content adds, “Many of the most successful podcasts in the world follow a narrative structure with creative storytelling techniques. The Church has some of the greatest stories to tell, and yet we see an unusual lack of Christian podcasts taking this approach. That is why we’re launching Audible God. We believe Rob is a gifted storyteller and can share stories about God in fun, memorable and moving way.”