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NEWS: WAY-FM & Blood:Water Renew Unique Partnership

By October 29, 2015News

Pictured L-R:  Faron Dice, CCO, WAY-FM; Jena Lee Nardella, Dan Haseltine, and Jake Smith of Blood:Water; Lloyd Parker, COO, WAY-FM

(Colorado Springs, CO) WAY Media Chief Content Officer, Faron Dice, has announced an extended partnership agreement with Blood:Water, that utilizes the Wally Show on WAY-FM, to provide water and lasting change in Africa.

“We are so grateful to extend our relationship with WAY-FM and The Wally Show,” said Blood:Water co-founder Jena Lee Nardella. “Over the last three years, Wally has shared the stories of those he’s met in Africa, and each time, listeners of the show have responded in incredible ways. From providing a drill rig that will reach hundreds of thousands, to impacting entire communities with clean water, the generosity of WAY-FM listeners has had a huge impact on the work Blood:Water has been able to do. We are thrilled to be able to continue this partnership.”

According to Wally “It has been my privilege to be part of the amazing and important work Blood:Water does in Africa.  The water and HIV crisis in Africa would be a really sad story if there was nothing that could be done about it. The good news is, rewriting this story is not a question of can we, but will we.”

Dice adds, “We believe we have created a partnership that is very unique to Christian radio that truly benefits the station, the ministry partner, and most-of-all, the people it is designed to help.  We are thrilled to continue working with Blood:Water.”


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Media Contact:
Lloyd Parker
Chief Operating Officer