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Christian/Gospel Music Community Responds To Charlottesville Events

By August 17, 2017Blog

As I read about and watch was has taken place today in Charlottesville, VA., it’s honestly hard for me to wrap my head around it all. I feel both sadness and anger. I’m angry that these white supremacists invoke Jesus, yet have no idea what it means to be His follower. God sent his son Jesus – a brown Middle Eastern man – to save the whole world. The racist doctrine represents an assault on the gospel of Christ. Racism has no place in God’s kingdom, and it has no place on this earth. And – I’m angry at myself for not speaking up more often. We all need to speak up and speak out about the continued racism and bigotry in our country. Racism is pure evil and white Christians in this moment should be the FIRST to repudiate it. And as the church, we should pray that our pastors and leaders condemn bigotry and hate from every pulpit. As Americans, we need our president to clearly call this what it is – a terror attack brought about by white supremacists. And as a follower of Jesus, I pray that I live love so loudly, it drowns out the hate. “Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in love.” Romans 12:9-10

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Last week I went to lunch with a local white pastor & we had a deep discussion about racial reconciliation. One thing that stood out from our conversation was that racial unity does not begin in our Pews, but rather at our Dinner Tables. To truly Love someone, u must be willing to Understand them. A major problem in our churches is that our cultural differences are Tolerated, but not Celebrated. Diversity is a popular word now in church, but embracing someone goes beyond forcing them to conform to your preferences. Unity demands humility & often discomfort. My heart breaks for the condition of our nation & our churches. Racism is not new. It existed in the Bible. It is a demonic spirit that seeks to divide & fill hearts with hate. There is Hope! Love is Undefeated. At the cross, we all find common ground, in a common color, pouring out of an uncommon man. #JesusWins #Charlottesville #HeatherHeyer #DeandreHarris

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Broken hearted.

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If you are a part of the church and this isn’t disturbing… you are a part of the problem. You voted him in, now you have the responsibility to hold him responsible and accountable to calling this terrorism EXACTLY what it is . THIS IS DEMON DRIVEN. We ask that our white Brothers and Sisters, Evangelicals, and Multi Cultural Ministry Leaders who were all very verbal about your support of this president, NOW display the heart of God… the love of God… and God’s disdain for this hatred. TOMORROW is your opportunity to show your black congregants, Ministry leaders and friends that they truly matter beyond their presence on Sundays and Mid Week services! We are waiting on you to make a stand with us! Love isn’t always comfortable! Ignoring it won’t make it go away! Love you! #PrayingforCharlottesville #LetTheChurchRisefromTheAshes

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It seems that we’ve missed it. ?There are outright forms of hate and then there are disguised forms of ‘acceptable’ hate. Both are equally dangerous. “Hate cannot drive out hate” – we quote it, we Instagram it, and we love our hero Martin Luther King Jr. who quoted it. But we don’t live it like he did. In this day and age, if a hate group rises up, another opposing group rises up using the same language, violence and hate that they’re supposedly condemning. This action is dangerous because perpetuates more hate, exponentially. I believe the reason why we can’t see change is because love has lost its definition. We throw the word around to hide our true intentions and justify our acts of vengance. I wanna make myself clear TRUE LOVE HEALS THE HATER AND THE HATED. In other words, true acts of love will work for restoration, healing and unity. Love is patient, Love is kind, Love is long suffering, Love does not envy, does not parade itself, is not puffed up, DOES NOT BEHAVE RUDELY, does not seek its own, Love is not easily offended, Love Hopes all things, bears all things, believes all things, Love never fails. Love is NOT a feeling – it is defined through the person of Jesus Christ. The message of this song is my heart for our nation. That we would choose to be a light in the dark times that we live in. That we would choose love over hate. Choose words that build up and not tear down. Use our platforms to work towards solutions and not to criticize. I’m prepared to be criticized by many for this post and know people will twist it and turn it in to what they think they want it to mean. My answer is this: What we’re doing isnt working, there’s gotta be a better way. So I’ll just let this song do the talking. #BeALight #BetterThanIFoundIt #share

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I long for the day when this song will be irrelevant. Until then, thank you for your words, Lauren. … #Repost @lauren_inspires ・・・ In the aftermath of the #Charlottesville events, I have had @mandisaofficial’s song “Bleed the Same” on repeat. Much has been said by my fellow Christian ministry leaders, and what I will add is this: Jesus did not stand for hate. I do not stand for hate. Christianity does not stand for hate. We stand for love. /// As Mandisa sings: We all bleed the same We’re more beautiful when we come together We all bleed the same So tell me why, tell me why We’re divided If we’re gonna fight Let’s fight for each other If we’re gonna shout Let love be the cry We all bleed the same So tell me why, tell me why We’re divided /// #prayforpeace

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We were in Canada this past weekend as the events in #Charlottesville were unfolding. As a band, we often don’t know when to address and speak to certain current events as we are hesitant to exploit tragedy by attaching our brand to it. But I do want to say, or should I say, felt compelled to say, we must grieve together brothers and sisters and remember what is we’re doing here. Paul says we’ve been given the ministry of reconciliation. In other words, we are here to forgive, and let others know they are forgiven. This is our hope in the midst of these dark times. We will continue to break down dividing walls of hostility wherever we encounter them. And we will start with our own hearts. It’s the only place we can ever truly start. Let us attack our own indwelling prejudices and hatred with all the vigilance we can muster. May the spill over look like the kingdom come. #wagepeace

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