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TEN Things You Can Do to Help You Survive the Economic Impact of COVID-19 as an Artist

By March 19, 2020News

By Lance R Wieland, WieRok Entertainment, LLC

(Member Contribution)


In this unprecedented season, we recognize that performing artists are going to be severely impacted financially and some spiritually. Many may not re-emerge in music and may be forced into other means of income. I believe that this will be a world-changing event and despite the inevitable loss to everyone, there will be some positive outcomes. If you’re a person of Faith, I hope that you can trust in that.

  1. Live in the moment with those you love.

    This is a historical event that will define the decade so experience it – but don’t get sucked into watching loops of the news.

  2. Don’t respond in fear.

  • Although, our innate response is fear as we see others around us responding irrationally in fear, it’s important to look at a logical perspective. 
  • Seek a reputable source for information that doesn’t benefit by inciting fear and getting you to dwell in their content. 
  • Seek rational and logical counsel when making decisions about finances. (Business Manager?). 
  • Evaluate your income stream and ensure that you’re maximizing it 
  • Evaluate your expenses and prioritize. (Check those recurring charges on your credit card!) 
  1. Educate: Use this time wisely to better yourself.

  • Music Business 
  • Music Trends 
  • Music Theory 
  • Performance Coaching Online (like Tom Jackson, Brett Manning) 
  1. Show Booking:

  • Reach out to your cancelled events to re-schedule. Their schedule will get tight so be the first to get back on the calendar. 
  • Reach out to upcoming events that have not cancelled. Make sure that you have an open channel of communications so you can make decisions quickly. 
  1. Organize.

    Many of us get a little OCD when we feel out of control. This could therapeutic – and will help you be more productive when things get busy again.

  • Clean out that closet and junk drawer 
  • Maintain your files 
  • Get your performance tracks together 
  1. Connect: Take this opportunity to strengthen your relationships.

  • Enjoy family time. When things do loosen up – you’ll need to be working harder than ever. 
  • Connect with your Fans over social Media and Live-Stream events. 
  • Connect with friends over FaceTime, phone, or coffee when you can safely do so. 
  • Keep in touch with those that may – or could provide opportunity now or later. 
  • (Virtually) meet with your team and strategize for this new unprecedented season. 
  1. Write!

    Seasons like this often with shifting emotions can generate some great content – and often therapeutic to yourself and others.

  2. Practice. Hone your skills!

    • Your Instrument
    • Your Performance
    • Your talks
  3. Record!

    Don’t take unnecessary risks but, reach out to your producers and talk about working on some projects and get into the studio as soon as feasible/safe.


  4. Most importantly, spend time in prayer – and in The Word.