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NEWS: JESUSFREAKHIDEOUT.COM Celebrates 19 Years With Release Of Fifth Volume Of Indie Music Compilation Series

By August 13, 2015News

Songs We’ve Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven’t) Volume Five Releases On Website’s 19th Anniversary

Free Compilation Boasts Artists Such As House Of Heroes, FIREFLIGHT, Kevin Max, Ellie Holcomb, Audrey Assad, Jars of Clay, Remedy Drive, Lights Go Down And More!

Bethlehem, PA (August 13, 2015) –, one of the pioneers of Christian music media on the web that has helped to pave the way for similar media outlets, is celebrating 19 years online today. To celebrate, the JFH team is releasing the next installment of their popular free indie mp3 compilation, Songs We’ve Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven’t), Volume Five. The biggest JFH compilation to date — offering 53 songs and artists — is the first to feature original cover artwork drawn by JFH founder and Editor-in-Chief, John DiBiase. Fans can also enter to win limited edition numbered prints of the artwork as part of the site’s anniversary celebration. (Click here to enter the contest!). Additional prints are available for purchase in DiBiase’s online art shop to help support JFH.

Click here to download the free 53-song indie sampler.

Like each compilation before it, Songs We’ve Been Trying To Tell You About, Volume Five is comprised of artists that the JFH staff personally invited to be a part of the project. In most cases, it has been left up to the artist to select the individual song to be featured on the compilation–with a few exceptions where they left it up to the JFH team to make the call.

Among the artists represented on Songs We’ve Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven’t), Volume Five include House of Heroes, Fireflight, Jars of Clay, Kevin Max, Gungor, Remedy Drive, Ellie Holcomb, Ayiesha Woods, Lights Go Down (featuring Hawk Nelson’s Jason Dunn), brand new songs from Justin McRoberts and WILKES that have not been previously released, Audrey Assad, Copperlily, The Wedding’s Matt Shelton, a reunion single from Poor Old Lu, Playdough, The Gray Havens, Sam Ock, The Lost Days of Summer (featuring Guardian’s Jamie Rowe), Robbie Seay Band and many more!

Longtime JFH staff writer Scott Fryberger says about the project, “The music industry is so different than it was ten years ago. Heck, even five. Independent music is a well-established market, with very well-known artists doing it on their own again. But there are a lot of them that are still unknown. We want to shine some light on the scene and introduce people to artists they may have never heard of before; maybe even a new favorite!”

“I love that this is becoming an annual event,” adds DiBiase. “I can’t think of a better way to express our gratitude to the artists and our faithful readers than to give these compilations out and hopefully help music fans find new artists to get excited about.”

The full, 53-song Songs We’ve Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven’t), Volume Five track listing:

  1. “The Worst Kind of gods” (from Smoke EP) (2:57) – House Of Heroes
  2. “SAFETY” (Featuring Stephen Christian) [from INNOVA] (3:21) – FIREFLIGHT
  3. “Lamb Of God” (from Death Be Not Proud EP) (5:19) – Audrey Assad
  4. “Marvelous Light” (from As Sure As The Sun) (3:12) – Ellie Holcomb
  5. “Under The Starlight” (from Commodity) (3:51) – Remedy Drive
  6. “27” (from Skeleton Key) (4:36) – The Frozen Ocean
  7. “Lay Down Your Weapons My Friend” (from Broken Temples: Deluxe Edition) (3:05) – Kevin Max
  8. “Fast and Slow” (from The Beautiful Unseen EP) (2:55) – Copperlily
  9. “The Great Unwound” (Single) (4:00) – Poor Old Lu
  10. “Psalm 66 (You Are Great)” (from Psalms, Vol. 3 EP) (4:55) – Robbie Seay Band
  11. “God Will Lift Up Your Head” (Acoustic) (from 20) (5:17) – Jars of Clay
  12. “Candles and Kerosene” (from Everything Has Changed EP) (4:14) – Justin McRoberts
  13. “Let Your Hands Be Strong” (Single) (4:14) – Matt Shelton
  14. “Curtains” (from Curtains EP) (4:31) – Harvest
  15. “Comrades” feat. Gowe and Nak (from Tower Ivory) (3:52) – J.Han
  16. “Make Me Smile” (from GREY) (5:08) – Sam Ock
  17. “The Air” (from New Lands) (3:45) – Epic Season
  18. “West Coast Calling” (Single) (3:43) – Lights Go Down
  19. “Vicious Cycle” (from Great Lengths) (4:05) – The Protest
  20. “Antidote” (from The Lost Days of Summer EP) (4:20) – The Lost Days of Summer
  21. “Anyhow” (from It’s Time) (4:59) – Ayiesha Woods
  22. “Still I Will Praise” (from For Every Curse) (4:59) – Daniel Bashta
  23. “The Man With The Morning In His Eyes” (from Winning the West) (3:37) – Ergo Rex
  24. “Jack and Jill, pt.2” (from Fire and Stone) (5:01) – The Gray Havens
  25. “One Wild Life” (from One Wild Life: Soul) (4:07) – Gungor
  26. “You’ve Got A Hold On Me” (from Shells EP) (3:22) – WILKES
  27. “Only Love” (feat. Phil Joel) (from When The World’s On Fire) (3:12) – Flood The Stone
  28. “100” (from Dios Ganó EP) (4:02) – Javie
  29. “Saint Dangle” (from Saint Dangle) (3:27) – Playdough
  30. “instruMENTALITY” (ft. JGivens) (from Rest Assured EP) (3:07) – Paradox
  31. “Chapter Five: Tuxedo Black” [from Correspondence (a fiction)] (4:05) – Levi The Poet
  32. “Awaken My Soul” (from In Rest) (7:05) – Joel & Amy Davis
  33. “Separation” (ft. Kelli Taylor) (from Long Drive) (4:20) – Jordan Taylor
  34. “Inside A Storm Starts To Rise” (from Dos) (3:10) – Reform the Resistance
  35. “Break The Cycle” (from Time Is Running Out) (2:17) – New Heart
  36. “The End” (from The Vault Sessions) (3:13) – Justifide
  37. “Popular” (from InDAPendence) (3:19) – Isaac Knox
  38. “Push It Along” (from Beautiful Noise) (3:43) – Sareem Poems & Ess Be
  39. “Better Than Us” (from It’s Not Just Me in Here EP) (3:23) – Whosah
  40. “Bionic” (from Fall of the Light Bearer) (4:07) – Theory Hazit
  41. “This Game of God” (Single) (3:52) – Jesse Sprinkle
  42. “Mercy” (from Mercy) (4:04) – Ravenhill
  43. “Fire In My Bones” (from Dust & Clay) (4:29) – Weston Skaggs
  44. “Slow Me Down” (from Monolith) (6:28) – Realms
  45. “The Traveling Man” (Single) (4:23) – Marah in the Mainsail
  46. “Nothing Left To Lose” (from Passive Aggression, Vol. 1) (3:36) – Pioneer
  47. “Of Youth” (from On the Depths of Depravity) (4:23) – They Will Fall
  48. “Bonnaroo” (from InDAPendence) (2:48) – Heir Jordan
  49. “I Know You Love Me” (from Broken Restored) (4:10) – J Poetic
  50. “Jesus, I Come” (from Hymns) (4:17) – Grinstead
  51. “There Is A Love” (from Colors) (3:43) – Grayson Kessenich
  52. “Better” (from The Transition) (5:18) – AMP
  53. BONUS TRACK: “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” (feat. Acacia) (from Vintage Christmas) (2:23) – David Ian

All four previous FREE indie mp3 compilations can still be downloaded here:

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