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New Book “Networking Kills” by Mark Maxwell is Encouraging Artists and Business Professionals Everywhere

By July 13, 2018News

“In an industry and culture that encourages us to be more and more self-focused for our own personal gain, Mark’s book is a fresh and necessary perspective that is desperately needed.”

TOBYMAC – Grammy award-winning artist

“Networking Kills is more than just a novel idea – this significant message can help steer a generation towards true success. But more than just this generation, I believe it will help anyone, in any stage, re-evaluate their motivations and navigate their life back to what truly matters. I know it’s doing that for me.”

NATALIE GRANT – Grammy nominated singer/songwriter

What a simple concept: “Networking” narrows our focus and our life experience. “Serving” connects us in a meaningful way and throws the gates of opportunity wide open. Let the adventure begin!”

AMY GRANT – Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter


Mark H. Maxwell is a sought-after entertainment lawyer in Nashville representing some of the most prominent entertainers in the country. He has seen first-hand what it takes to achieve success in one of the most cut-throat industries in America. Not only that, but he is a professor at Belmont’s prestigious entertainment business and songwriting program, helping launch hundreds of young adults into their very first careers. So why is he telling people to stop networking?

Maxwell believes that the key to finding success and a meaningful career isn’t about who you know, but how you serve.

“So many people say they want to make a difference and be successful along the way but get bogged down by how many social media likes they have or how big their online platform is, and veer off track,” Maxwell says. “There is a better way, and that way is approaching your career with the heart of a servant — putting other people first and building relationships with no strings attached.”

That counter-culture approach to building a career is the heartbeat behind his new book, Networking Kills: Success Through Serving (Desolation Row Press, 1st edition, May 2018). Networking Kills examines the need for cultural change concerning our pursuit and definition of “success” in every area of life and shows how serving is actually the key.

Maxwell uses a unique blend of real-life pop culture experiences from his time working in the entertainment industry (John Mayer, Bob Dylan, Kim Kardashian, Johnny Cash) combined with timeless Biblical principles, weaving together a roadmap that helps people at any stage of their career – GenZers and Millennials just starting out and beyond – find more fulfillment and joy in their work, and make the world a better place – one person at a time.

About Mark Maxwell
Mark H. Maxwell is an entertainment attorney, music business veteran and college professor. As a lawyer, Maxwell represents a diverse roster of recording artists, celebrities, record labels, music publishers, authors, songwriters and producers. As a professor in Belmont University’s prestigious entertainment business and songwriting program, he created their popular course on Bob Dylan and teaches courses on music business, faith and culture, and copyright law. Maxwell is passionate about serving as a mentor to the next generation of creatives and entertainment business professionals. He lives in Nashville with his wife and children.

For more information, visit and connect with him on Facebook, InstagramTwitter and LinkedIn. Check out his TEDx talk HERE.

Networking Kills is available on Amazon.