How do you become a member of the GMA?

Becoming a member of the GMA is easy! Simply click HERE, then click the 'JOIN NOW' button to start the process! We can also email you a membership form if you would prefer to email, mail or fax us your info directly. Send your request to us at

What are the benefits of becoming a member of the GMA?

There are 2 different categories of GMA Membership: Individual and Organizational. Check out benefits for an individual membership, or check out benefits for an organizational membership.

Will the GMA listen to and submit my songs to artists, record labels, and/or publishers?

Unfortunately, we do not submit unsolicited songs and demos to artists, record labels and/or publishers on behalf of anyone. However, we do have a heart for independent Christian artists, songwriters, worship leaders and future music business professionals and desire to train & connect them with top music insiders through our music training experience called IMMERSE. The music business is all about relationships. The best way to connect with industry professionals is through conferences like IMMERSE. Visit IMMERSE to find out more information.

Will becoming a member of the GMA get my music heard by artists/record labels/publishers?

As an organization, the GMA’s mission is to expose, promote and celebrate the gospel though music, and our desire is to create networking opportunities such as IMMERSE and the GMA Dove Awards where member connections can be made. However, out of respect for our professional members, we do not promote or pitch songs to them on behalf of anyone.

How do I break into the Christian music business?

Pursuing a career in the Christian music world is difficult because there is not one clear path that guarantees success. Everyone in the business has a unique story of how they got into it. Whether you want to be an artist, songwriter, music business professional or all of the above, a great place to start is with the resources that are in front of you. Start promoting your music to your friends and family via social media Get involved with the music ministry at your church Volunteer your gifts & talents to organizations that need them Network with other artists & musicians around town at local concerts and events Attend music conferences where you can learn, be trained and grow in your craft The Bible says in Luke that “whoever can be trusted with the little things, can be trusted with much…” If you believe this is what God is calling you to do, be faithful with the resources He’s put in front of you and in His time, He will begin to open the right doors.