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NEWS: Taylor Swift Tweets for KING & COUNTRY Cover

By News

for KING & COUNTRY released a cover of Taylor Swift’s single “Out Of The Woods” on October 29th. That same afternoon Taylor Swift tweeted the band that it was one of her favorite covers of the song and posted the link to her over 65 million twitter followers. See her tweet and watch the video!

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BLOG: Real Connections in the Digital Age

By Blog

Every morning, I have my social media routine. Instagram first – it’s my favorite. I open Twitter, check my email and finally Facebook where I mindlessly scroll and swipe, pausing on the stories that I’m most interested in seeing. Sound familiar?

Throughout my day, I would unconsciously open my browser on my phone, type in “f” and hit enter. My phone knows that “f” in the search bar means Facebook. I’ve trained it that well. Then, a month ago I quit Facebook.

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