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INDUSTRY UPDATE: Mitchell Solarek – Maximum Artist Management, Maxx Music Publishing, Maxx Recordings

By Industry Update

After moving to Nashville in 2000 to connect his successful modeling agency with the music industry, Mitchell Solarek spent the next 15 years building Maximum Artist Group, a company that offers a wide range of artist services, including management, publishing and now record label services through the newly-minted Maxx Recordings. Solarek was the mastermind behind Christian vocal super group Plus One—one of the most successful new artist launches in CCM history—and today manages Natalie Grant, Donald Lawrence, Danny Gokey and Bernie Herms. He also serves as the executive producer of Mary Mary’s popular reality show on We tv. Last month, he announced the debut of Maxx Recordings, a full service record label, whose first three signees—3for3, Kolby Koloff and Riley Clemmons—will intentionally fill a gap echoing Top 40 sensibilities within the CCM genre. In the midst of a hectic travel schedule, Solarek recently took time to share his vision behind Maxx Recordings, how hip-hop is the new pop and why he’s more excited than ever about the present state of the music industry.

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