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NEWS: The Hands & Feet Project Remembers the Haiti Earthquake, Five Years Ago Today

By News

Today marks the fifth year anniversary of the earthquake that shook Haiti to the brink of destruction. The Hands & Feet Project, which provides family-style residential care and sustainable solutions that fight against Haiti’s orphan crisis, remembers that very day quite well. Their co-founder and Executive Director, Mark Stuart (pictured to the far right), was in Haiti and experienced the earthquake first-hand. “The magnitude of the quake was so big, it felt as if the mountain that our Children’s Village was nestled against, was going to crumble on top of us. Although we were safe, we quickly realized that beyond the walls of our little village, our neighbors were facing unimaginable losses. The three-story hotel down the street had been flattened, the local hospital had collapsed, and school buildings were now in piles of rubble. The loss of life was staggering.

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