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INDUSTRY UPDATE: Rob Dempsey of HIS Radio Network

By Industry Update

Rob Dempsey says he was a “throwaway teenager.” On his 16th birthday, his mom kicked him out of the house. Homeless, Dempsey lived on the streets, couch-hopped and stayed in friends’ garages. One night when he was scrounging for food, he stumbled upon a Sony Walkman and began to listen to Christian radio. In between songs, the DJs reminded the young, lost teen that he wasn’t alone and that God loved him. When one of the on-air personalities led the sinner’s prayer during his shift one night, Dempsey says, “I prayed it, and I meant it; and I said, ‘God, I kinda want to do what that guy’s doing.’ … So I’m a product of what we do with Christian radio.”

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