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Minister of Music and Arts

Website Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church - Memphis, TN

Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church, Disciples of Christ (DOC) lovingly known as “The BLVD”, is seeking a creative and accomplished musician to be its next Minister of Music and Arts. The primary role of the position is to plan and oversee the worship portion of services, including the musical selections and arrangements, and all-encompassing service details based on the theme and overall direction established by the Senior Pastor. The incumbent will provide leadership to a diverse music program including a variety of musical genres such as traditional and contemporary gospel, African American spirituals, anthems, and classical worship selections. This position will also manage all choral units, Praise Team Ensembles, music ministry volunteers, and the Creative Arts Ministry which includes worship coordination, media, and video functions.



1.      Work with the Senior Pastor and other staff to plan weekly worship services and to ensure the musical selections and other worship elements in each service create an atmosphere of worship, prepare the way for biblical teaching/preaching, and facilitate a response from worshippers.

2.      Serve as a member of the Senior Leadership Team and provide vision, long-range planning, and leadership for all choral units, creative arts, and worship coordination of the church.

3.      Provide supervision, management, spiritual nurture, and training to all music staff.


1.      Plan and prepare appropriate music for all worship events including weddings and funerals, special projects in cooperation with appropriate individuals and ministries, i.e., Christmas Concerts, Men’s and Women’s Emphasis Sundays, Revivals, Founder’s Day, etc.

2.      Enlist and work with the audiovisual/media team as well as with the Senior Pastor, in developing and using videos and other visuals as needed in worship.

3.      Provide daily supervision for the paid Music staff in the following areas: scheduling worship services, choral unit rehearsals, and regular Music Staff meetings.

4.      Provide supervision for the Creative Arts Ministry and worship coordination which includes all facets of worship planning, audio, sound, drama, dance, etc.

5.      Provide evaluation, planning, and insight for all worship services in conjunction with the assigned pastoral staff at weekly Worship Planning meetings.

6.      Work in concert with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in preparing the Annual Music Operating Budget along with monitoring accountability and adherence to approved budget.

7.      Supervise maintenance of and additions to Music Library and equipment (i.e., oversee the purchase of sheet music, supplies, equipment and monitor instrumental repairs and purchases).

8.      Provide supervision of planning, coordination, operation, and evaluation of a comprehensive music ministry to complement state of the art audio and video programming in cooperation with Creative Arts Ministry.


1.      Will exemplify a consistent standard of musical excellence, which edifies and educates the congregation of Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church through the power of music in all worship events to God’s glory.

2.      Provide leadership in developing a quality Concert Series with two major choral events per year.  Continue to expose the congregation to Christian artists who display versatility through their craft, including an annual in-house festive holiday celebration (i.e., Christmas Celebration).

3.      Magnify God’s Presence through music at designated gatherings i.e., congregational meetings, informational meetings, etc.

4.      Plan and coordinate all designated choral rehearsals (i.e., warm-ups, music selections, music ministry information via Planning Center, email, etc.).

5.      Keep abreast of current music methods, techniques, materials, and promotions, to utilize them when and where appropriate.

6.      Coordinate training and use of Instrumentalists and Vocalists as needed.

7.      Provide guidance to Youth Choir Director in utilizing community resources as well as providing spiritual experiences for youth in the church and community (i.e., Young Artists Series, mentoring future young Church Musicians).


  • Advanced degree/equivalent experience in Music, Music Education, or related field; or other training, or equivalent experience.
  • Five plus years of experience serving in similar position in a church setting.
  • Ability to read music and teach vocal, and instrumental music.
    5 years of managerial experience to include budget and personnel management.  Some familiarity with sound, video, and lighting equipment is a plus.

To apply for this job email your details to