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 Individual Memberships

Professional Memberships

GMA Academy members receive 8 Professional memberships for their staff (regularly $95/ea). These memberships include data, news and voting opportunities. ​Professional memberships can be redeemed during initial signup or via the GMA University liaison. Email for assistance. 

Student Memberships

GMA Academy members receive UNLIMITED student memberships for full-time enrolled students. Students must activate memberships by clicking here to fill out a form​. On form students must select GMA Academy and enter university code supplied by University liaison​.   


GMA is your one-stop shop for Christian & Gospel music industry internships! 

Record labels, Booking Agents, Producers and more will post their internship positions here so that the best of the best can apply for the educational experience of a lifetime.

How to View Internships
1. Login to Member Portal
2. Live positions will be posted (in what place?)
3. Apply for a position by (what steps?)
4. You will be contacted by a staff member if your application if approved

Best practices for applying for internships include: (list a few suggestions here)

 Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities with hands-on learning and industry experience will be made available. Positions for the GMA Dove Awards, IMMERSE and other GMA sponsored initiatives will be posted in the member portal throughout the year. The membership will be notified when posted.

How to View Volunteer Opportunities
1. Login to Member Portal
2. Go to (what place?) to view current volunteer opportunities
3. Apply for an opportunity by (what steps?)
4. You will be contacted by an events volunteer coordinator if your application if approved

 IMMERSE Discount

GMA Academy members receive an exclusive student discount.
Just enter promo ​ACADEMY to receive $​20 off your registration.


For additional help or questions regarding benefits or navigating the Member Portal please email