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Music & Media have a profound impact on culture. We want to leverage that influence for Good.

Partner with the GMA to be part of shaping culture. Through exposure, education and advocacy we can reach the world with the Message of Christ.

The Gospel Music Association invests in the next generation of artists, songwriters, worship leaders & future industry professionals through their annual Immerse Conference. Your donation will help the GMA continue supporting students.
The Gospel Music Association is the “keeper” of our precious Gospel Music Historical Archives. Without them, the history of our great genre would be lost. Your donation will help them continue their on-going preservation efforts.
Our nation is more divided than ever. The Gospel Music Association strives to bring the diverse Gospel Music Community together & showcase that unity on the Dove Awards stage. Your donation will help the GMA continue to bring the unifying, love-filled message of Jesus to the world.




I am part of the band wives support group through the GMA. I am so thankful for the heart and vision of the GMA team, Jackie, Alexandra, and Justin. It is simply amazing to me that as busy as they are, they heard and heeded the call of the Holy Spirit to start this ministry. The emotional and spiritual comradery among the band wives is a great support. And the speakers are wonderful. However, the support of GMA has gone far beyond Thursdays once a month. They have backed up their vision by “putting feet to it”. Our family has taken advantage of the Porter’s Call counseling service, the Dave Ramsey financial counseling, GMA membership, and also Immerse 2014, all free of charge. When it came to Immerse, the GMA paid my way and invested in a dream and calling that they really had no reason to – no vested interest. But it meant so much to me. My prayer is that I am able to give back as God leads, and invest in someone the way the GMA has invested in me. If you are considering giving to the GMA, I would strongly encourage you toward releasing that blessing, as you never know who’s story you may affect. This in turn can empower them to do the same, which is the hope, all for glory of Christ.


“I was passing through Nashville on a coast-to-coast road trip last year and stopped to visit my sister. The next night happened to be the Dove Awards, which my sister insisted I take her ticket and attend. I had no clue what the Dove Awards were but I was happy to tag along with my brother-in-law and a group of his friends. That night sitting in the audience, God ambushed me with a whole new world of music. A door inside of me quietly unlocked. Song after song filled up rooms in me I didn’t even realize were empty. I am a huge music fan but had never even stuck my big toe in the Christian music sea of sound. Wow. Just wow. I came home that night and totally abused my iTunes account (I must have downloaded a hundred songs). My drive home was amazing. I’ve been listening to the bands and artists I discovered that night ever since. I’m a true believer that music is one of the most powerful ways God injects His voice and His love into a distracted world. I’m living proof of that. It’s been a year since my transformative experience at the Dove Awards but you can bet, my heart is still singing . . . His songs. Thank you Dove Awards for putting so much intention into celebrating the handful of artists in this world who are divinely called to bring hope to a hurting world through music.”


“While at IMMERSE I felt an immense peace and calling on my heart to stay home and serve at my local church on the worship team. I immediately called some of my mentors and asked them to be in prayer for me through this huge transition. Not even three days later I called up John Brown University (JBU) and told them I would not be attending in the fall and would be attending community college in Tulsa. To most people this would be a scary step to take, but there was extreme comfort in knowing I was walking in the will of the Lord and I was excited for what was to come. I am currently getting paid to mentor the youth worship band and am serving every week on the “Big Church” worship team. Getting to work at the church and do what I love has been an incredible blessing. I have learned more than I ever would have at JBU because I am getting to experience worship ministry first hand right out of high school. This is what I want to do the rest of my life, and I am so thankful that I listened to his calling on my heart at IMMERSE last year. IMMERSE was such an incredible experience for me and I think anyone who is interested in worship music should attend.”